About us

Safetygroup is a non-profit organization working for the sport, without economic self-interest.

The organization's members dedicate their own time and financial resources to achieve the objectives set up by the organization.




Safetygroups leadership today consists of a limited number of people with solid knowledge and a long experience of international dragracing.

The focus is primarily on fire,rescue and extrication, but extensive experience is also available in areas like track preparation and organizing competitions in itís whole.




Safetygroups intention is to act as a steering committee for convening and directing the rescue and track officials for the organizers, large and small.

Safetygroup also acts to promote a higher safety culture within the sport, which is secured by education and training of both new staff and staff currently working in the above areas.

To get access to information on the latest technological developments Safetygroup  has established channels to communicate between the driver's steering committee and representatives of the various racing classes.